Human Rights situation in certain countries (excerpts), 2020

Estonia In their reports, the international human rights organizations allege that the Republic of Estonia systematically violates national minorities’ fundamental human rights guaranteed by international instruments and rejects or ignores multiple recommendations by the relevant agencies and bodies of the United Nations, the OSCE and the Council of Europe, as well as the leading international … Continue reading "Human Rights situation in certain countries (excerpts), 2020"

CESCR Concluding observations (excerpts), 2019

[..] C.Principal subjects of concern and recommendations [..] Non-discrimination 10.The Committee is concerned that the Equal Treatment Act only prohibits discrimination on the grounds of religion or views, age, disability and sexual orientation in areas relating to working life and the acquisition of professional qualifications. It regrets the delay in amending the Act to broaden … Continue reading "CESCR Concluding observations (excerpts), 2019"

FCNM Advisory Committee 4th opinion on Estonia (excerpts on streetsigns/placenames), 2015

SUMMARY [..] The Place Names Act of 2004 continues to limit significantly the possibility to display signs in languages of national minorities and anachronistically refers to the ethnic composition of municipalities in 1939. [..] Recommendations for immediate action: [..] [..] review the conditions required for the display of traditional local names, street names and other … Continue reading "FCNM Advisory Committee 4th opinion on Estonia (excerpts on streetsigns/placenames), 2015"

Commissioner’s memorandum (excerpts on language & education), 2007

[..] II. Protection of national minorities [..] 2. Issues related to languages 15. Non-citizens who have obtained at least primary education proficiency in the Estonian language are exempted from the language examination in the naturalisation process. Also, the language proficiency requirement was removed for electoral candidates. 16. However, the Advisory Committee of the Framework Convention … Continue reading "Commissioner’s memorandum (excerpts on language & education), 2007"