Estonia’s stateless population in context, 2019/2020

As at end-2019, Estonia’s stateless – 75,599 – form 14.3 % of Europe’s (including Russia and Ukraine, excluding Turkey) stateless population (528,007), per UNHCR data. See p. 54 at

Commissioner’s statement on language policies (excerpts), 2019

Promoting social cohesion through balanced policies on languages [..] The Advisory Committee on the FCNM has consistently emphasised, in respect of a range of countries, including Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Russian Federation, that policies on the use of languages should aim to reconcile the needs of different groups of speakers, those of the … Continue reading "Commissioner’s statement on language policies (excerpts), 2019"

Report on the implementation of national Roma integration strategies (excerpts), 2019

I. SUBSTANTIVE POLICY AREAS [..] 1. EDUCATION [..] 1.2. Achievements and challenges [..] The most significant challenges highlighted by NRCPs include: school participation, absenteeism, early school-leaving, the transition from primary to secondary and the completion of secondary education. 13 [..] 13 AT, CY, EE, EL, ES, FR, HR, LT, NL [..] 2. EMPLOYMENT [..] 2.2. … Continue reading "Report on the implementation of national Roma integration strategies (excerpts), 2019"

Important activities in the 2019/2020 academic year (excerpts), 2020

Summary of performance reports Education [..] 13. While the share of students completing basic education at a Russian language-medium school and having achieved at least level B1 proficiency in Estonian15 has increased as compared with 2011 (56% in 2011; 61% in 2018), reaching the target for 2020 (90%) is not realistic. In order to best … Continue reading "Important activities in the 2019/2020 academic year (excerpts), 2020"

ODIHR Election Expert Team Final Report (excerpts), 2019

I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY [..] Persons belonging to national minorities with Estonian citizenship enjoy full electoral rights. However, despite notable efforts in facilitating integration and naturalization, a considerable number of residents “with undetermined citizenship”, most of ethnic Russian background, aredisenfranchised in national elections. Minorities-related issues did not feature prominently in the campaign and most parties avoided … Continue reading "ODIHR Election Expert Team Final Report (excerpts), 2019"

Global trends 2018 (excerpts), 2019

ANNEX TABLE 1. Refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons (IDPs), returnees (refugees and IDPs), stateless persons, and others of concern to UNHCR by country/territory of asylum | end-2018 (ctnd) [..] Country/ territory of asylum Persons under UNHCR’s statelessness mandate Estonia 21 77,877 21 Almost all people recorded as being stateless have permanent residence and enjoy more … Continue reading "Global trends 2018 (excerpts), 2019"

Fundamental Rights Report 2019 (excerpt), 2019

4 Racism, xenophobia and related intolerance [..] 4.2. Lack of policy responses to racism, ethnic discrimination and hate crime [..] FRA ACTIVITY Assisting national authorities with hate-crime recording The full implementation of EU law entails ensuring that the police properly identify hate crime victims and record racist motivation at the time of reporting. Doing so will support … Continue reading "Fundamental Rights Report 2019 (excerpt), 2019"