Estonian Integration Monitoring 2020 (excerpt on media), 2021


The results for 2020 reveal that according to their self-assessment, people of other nationalities have been feeling increasingly more informed about what is going on in their locality and in Estonia over the last 12 years (70% in 2008, 87% and 89%, respectively, in 2020).

Another significant trend in the case of residents of other nationalities is that they are less informed about Russia (69% in 2008 and 59% in 2020): this indicator has reached the same level of how well they are informed about the European Union (59% in 2020).

Young people of other nationalities are significantly less informed about what is going on in Russia. People of Ida-Viru County differ from others in terms of regions; as based on their self-assessment, they are better informed about their home locality and Russia than about Estonia, the European Union and the rest of the world


A significant change has occurred in the rankings of the information sources important to other nationalities in the last three years, as they have started considering the local Russian-language media channels of Estonia more important and trustworthy than the Russian media sources.

The Russian-language news portals of Estonia have risen to the second spot in terms of importance as information sources after interaction with friends, relatives and acquaintances for residents of other countries (72%, only 54% in 2017). They are followed by the Russian version of the news programme “Aktuaalne kaamera” (64%) and only then the TV channels of Russia (61%, 71% in 2017).

The increase in the importance and trustworthiness of the Russian-language TV channel ETV+ (44% in 2017 and 55% in 2020) among residents of other nationalities (primarily for older generations) is also a noticeable change. The importance of local Russian-language media has also increased in the case of radio channels whilst the importance of national Russian-language newspapers has decreased somewhat.

Major differences can be seen in how trustworthy Estonian media channels are in the eyes of the Estonian residents. The opinions of Estonians have been stable: 84% of them trust the Estonian-language TV channels ETV and ETV2 and three quarters trust Estonian-language newspapers and news portals.

However, the share of those who trust the Russian- and Estonian-language media of Estonia among residents of other nationalities has increased considerably in three years. In 2017, the most trustworthy channels for this ethnic group were Perviy Baltijskyi Kanal (PBK) and other Russian TV channels, but the Russian-language Estonian TV channel ETV+ and local Russian-language newspapers and news portals have now overtaken them (the share of people who trust them has doubled).

Document data: Factsheet “MEDIA AND INFORMATION FIELD” on the results of the Monitoring the Integration of Estonian Society 2020. May 2021. Link:

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