Recommendations by Russia to Estonia: UPR 2nd round, 2016

122.69 Classify hate speech with racist content and incitement to hatred as crimes punishable under criminal law (Russian Federation);

123.24 Establish a post of an Ombudsman on the issues of national minorities, as recommended previously (Russian Federation);

123.28 Stop discrimination in the area of employment on the grounds of ethnic origin and language and adopt active measures to prosecute such cases in the courts (Russian Federation);

123.33 Ban organizations which promote and instigate racial discrimination and hatred (Russian Federation);

123.35 Stop the participation of members of the Estonian armed forces in annual so called remembrance events glorifying the former legionaries of “Waffen SS” and Nazi collaborators (Russian Federation);

123.36 Review the discriminatory linguistic policy, including the work of the Language Inspectorates whose targets are mainly teachers of Russian language schools and kindergartens (Russian Federation);

123.49 Ensure equal representation of the titular and non-titular communities in local self-government bodies (Russian Federation);

Document data: 19.01.2016 (report A/HRC/32/7 – 12.04.2016). Recommendation 122.69 was accepted by Estonia. Link: Later, recommendation 123.33 was also accepted by Estonia, the rest was not. Link:

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