Commissioner’s memorandum (excerpts on citizenship & participation), 2007

II. Protection of national minorities 5. According to official statistics3 , Estonia had a total of 1.345 million inhabitants in 2006. There are more than a hundred nationalities represented in Estonia. The largest groups are Estonians (68.6%), Russians (25.7%), Ukrainians (2.1%) and Belarusians (1.2%). Eighty-three point six percent of the population are Estonian citizens, 7.4% … Continue reading "Commissioner’s memorandum (excerpts on citizenship & participation), 2007"

Commissioner’s memorandum (excerpts on anti-discrimination & ratifications), 2007

[..] IX. NON-DISCRIMINATION, SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC RIGHTS 74. In his 2004 report, the Commissioner recommended to the authorities that they “strengthen the legislative framework in the field of non-discrimination, and equality between men and women; ratify Protocol 12 to the European Convention on Human Rights, and the Additional Protocol to the European Social Charter relating … Continue reading "Commissioner’s memorandum (excerpts on anti-discrimination & ratifications), 2007"

Commissioner’s memorandum (excerpts on language & education), 2007

[..] II. Protection of national minorities [..] 2. Issues related to languages 15. Non-citizens who have obtained at least primary education proficiency in the Estonian language are exempted from the language examination in the naturalisation process. Also, the language proficiency requirement was removed for electoral candidates. 16. However, the Advisory Committee of the Framework Convention … Continue reading "Commissioner’s memorandum (excerpts on language & education), 2007"